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At 85 cents per square meter ….You cut the frills out!

Now your school can have there Carpets Steam Cleaned at a low cost. Simply tailor your ‘DIRT CHEAP’ quote from the list of options below.

Its really that simple… No time wasting promises* No pre-visit school tours* No crazy explanations from us telling you why we are the best.  You make the quote and we get working!

Once you have selected your options below simply call the number above or even better email them to us. Send your options (example, option A + B + D) along with your schools details, a contact name and number, the approximate square meterage, and the date you would like us to come.


Easy Quote Options.

Option                Price  &  Rate                             Service

Option A:   85 cents per square meter _____ Empty class room Steam Cleaning (no desk no chairs)

Option B:   10 cents per square meter _____ Gum and Goo removal treatment

Option C:   10 cents per square meter _____  Deodorising treatment

Option D:   5 cents per square meter ______ Desks and chairs pre shifted to one side of the class room.

Option E:   15 cents per square meter _____  Desks not moved, shifting done by us.

Option F:   per Internal lineal meter ______ Combined Pest Management.

Option G:   per External lineal meter ______Combined Pest Management.


Hints & tips.  Organising our services well in advance increases the chance you get the booking you request. Furniture can be removed from carpeted class rooms by students during the last hours of school.
Chairs and desks can be stored in science labs, sports stadiums, or any secure non carpeted room.
Chairs and desks can be stacked to one side of a hall way leaving enough room for us to effectively operate.
If office areas need to be cleaned we require everything off the ground so we can clean traffic areas and in around desks. Carpeted computer rooms will be treated much the same as an office areas. For example: bins, chairs and mats  pre removed.

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We are the COST EFFECTIVE approach to Carpet Cleaning and Pest Control from the Sunshine Coast.
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We provide a Great Easy Service at Low price..... Guaranteed!
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Price focused on Rental Properties and Home Owners, we also service commercial pubs, clubs and schools.
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