Tile & Grout Cleaning

TILE&-GROUT-2If your tile and grout is looking sad and grimy, than you need us to clean them!

From as little as $3.50 per square meter you can get us to clean your tiles and make them feel like new again.

Our powerful machines and safe products, release the grime and suck away dirt, general domestic cleaning techniques struggle to remove.

When most operators are charging $6 to $7 a square meter, Just $3.50 makes us a fraction of the cost.

With results like this, why would you want to pay more? Wouldn’t you just give us a try!

What a photo doesn’t show, is how much grippier the dried tiles surface has become. The majority of tile and grout cleaning jobs that we do, one can actually feel the tile surface has changed. Its like all the fine built up particles that make it discoloured and dirty, release from the tile and get sucked away. I guess its much like getting a facial treatment and unblocking the pours of your skin, funny enough, once its done you will look at yourself and think ‘I should have done this ages ago!’

Tile cleaning can also help remove musty pet odours from grouted areas of your home. As the natural oils from pet fur deposit into the tiles and grouts surface, the oils slowly build up trapping the odour causing bacteria in. This makes them near impossible to remove with properly using general domestic cleaning eqipment.
Tile grout cleaning Perigian Springs

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We do have an $80 minimum charge for tile and grout cleaning.

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We are the COST EFFECTIVE approach to Carpet Cleaning and Pest Control from the Sunshine Coast.
Only using the latest in Top Quality Products & Equipment for Carpet Cleaning & Pest Control.
We provide a Great Easy Service at Low price..... Guaranteed!
Servicing the Sunshine Coast to North Lakes & Caboolture Shire surrounds in Queensland.
Price focused on Rental Properties and Home Owners, we also service commercial pubs, clubs and schools.
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