Seated Position

How wide is a seated position?

One standard seating position is 60cm wide or 2ft

How to measure a seated position.

If you dont have a measuring tape handy,  you may have a 30cm school ruler which will enable you to calculate the seated positions on your couch.


school ruller


Aternatively, you can use the hand method to calculate.

Simply hold your hand like so.hand-widthThen place them side by side across the top of the seating area.


1 seated position

Every 6 hands is considered to be 1 seated position.

  • 1 hand placed is approx 10cm so 6 hands should give a good approximation of 60cm.
  • If you have small hands, lay your hands loosely down on the cushion.
  • If you know you have larger hands tighten up your palm as you put them down side by side.
  • If you have counted 19 hands, it would be fine to say that is a 3 seater.
  • If you counted 21 hands wide, the chances are you my have a 4 seater, but one of our technitians can clarify that on the day.


Why do I need to measure?

Firstly, we like to make sure our clients know what they are going to be paying for. Without a measuring method, your eyes can play tricks on you, and lead you to believe that the couch is of a different size.

We have created an example below to show you exactly what we mean:



sofa cleaning

EXAMPLE 1. How many seats is this sofa?

EXAMPLE 2. How many seats is this sofa?

another 3 seater

EXAMPLE 3. How many seats is this sofa?


Answer: All 3 examples are of 3 seater sofa!

Every couch is unique, we just want to make sure you get the right service for your couch.

Clarifying the size of your couch will ensure everyone is happy about the final results.


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