Pest Control Explained

Need to get rid of cockroaches, fleas, ants,  and other common Insect problems?


It can be done DIRT CHEAP!

We are not claiming to be the experts in the industry, mainly because experts cost a lot and treat in a simar way as we do. We also believe that there is enough expert knowledge poured into the making of expensive chemicals and other pest repellent products. All you need is a licenced person (Us at ‘Dirt Cheap’) to select the right product and apply it in the right manor, effectively solving your problem and keep the pests atbay.
Dirt cheap much prefers the prevention better than cure method. Which is why our prices are so Dirt Cheap!
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Pest Controllers should require a combination of  pest knowledge, product knowledge & building knowledge!
Dirt Cheap pest controllers are trained certified and licenced pest controllers, which is what is required to operate in Pest management industry.
There are three basic steps involved in Pest Management.
1. Identification of pest/s
2. Selection of chemical/s or bait
3. Execution via trained legal application.
If you have booked in ‘Dirt cheap’ for a ‘Basic Pest Control service of your home, property or work, and we discover that the dwelling require more than a basic service to manage the pests, we will let you know our concerns and what further actions you can choose to see our pest management service or another effectively implement.
NOT to WORRY, most visits are Simple Pest Problems and usually wont cost you more than what we quote over the phone or what you see advertised on our website!  we really are ‘Dirt Cheap’
Managing Pests isn’t a joke… It can be a serious health issue when ignored, and become quite costly to implement the right correction/s.  We aim to do an honest days work, for an honest dollar! If we feel that our industry knowledge isn’t being excepted by the client we wont hesitate to walk away before becoming more involved.
Big Pest Problems often mean more time, and more expencive products! We at ‘Dirt Cheap’ try and do our best in managing your problem at the lowest cost possible…. without skimping on using quality products!
No Termites
The control and inspection of termite require a special licence above and beyond our businesses legalities. If Dirt Cheap happen to notice any termite related problem during our service we will let you know.

Say No to bugs! & Yes to Dirt Cheap!

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We are the COST EFFECTIVE approach to Carpet Cleaning and Pest Control from the Sunshine Coast.
Only using the latest in Top Quality Products & Equipment for Carpet Cleaning & Pest Control.
We provide a Great Easy Service at Low price..... Guaranteed!
Servicing the Sunshine Coast to North Lakes & Caboolture Shire surrounds in Queensland.
Price focused on Rental Properties and Home Owners, we also service commercial pubs, clubs and schools.
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