Steam Cleaning Vs Dry Cleaning

The Dirt Cheap Opinion...

Which is Better?

In the Industry this has always been the huge debate over which cleaning method is best for your carpets, steam cleaning or dry cleaning?

The answer is…

The one that makes you happy! It gave you the results you were looking for at a price you were happy to pay.

Do you Care? 
We previousely had an opinion on this subject and then realised our clients dont really care or know the difference, if you know the difference, well done! You will probably keep using the same company that gave you the result you were looking for.  If you would like to know more about this subject, just drop us an email and if we got time we will certainly inform you. or redirect you to another site.
HELLO Carpet Cleaning Forums 
Isnt FUNNY it how this hot subject of which method is better burns in the heart of all small and large carpet cleaning businesses alike. If you are making clients happy isnt that all that should matter?
Know that we at DIRT CHEAP carpet cleaning & Pest control have no animosity towards any other business or methodof cleaning, in fact we would like to get to know you because we don’t believe in competition, only in other people trying to have a go in the same industry.
We think its great that you take the time out to educate the market about the world of carpet cleaning maybe one day we will do the same.
Perhaps we are a hot topic in your Carpet cleaning forum in which case you should probably press Ctrl+W to see the hidden information contained in this page. Have a nice day and happy cleaning to you all.

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