Pre Arrival Service Preparations

Pre Service recomendations for Carpets and Pest Control.

A little bit of Preparation on your behalf ensures you get the most out of ‘Dirt Cheap Carpet Cleaning and Pest Control.’



  • To prevent injury of our staff we would ask that heavy shifting be done prior to our arrival.
  • Sadly ‘Workplace Health and Safety’ legalities do not allow our staff to lift heavy furniture.
  • All items big or small should be removed off the floor prior to our arrival, items left on carpeted areas will be deemed acceptable and clean around.
  • If your carpets could do with a vacuum, Please give them a go over prior to our arrival, this will enable our staff to clearly see any marks that may be of concern.

During our service we will be using some high power, Hot tempratured machinery. To ensure your safety, we would ask you to take extreme caution by keeping clear around the operating equipment, this includes; the vehicle, machine in vehicle, hand tools, hoses, chemicals, operational puddeling and any other equipment or environmental changes we may have bought to the premises, all of the previously mentioned can  shift unexpectedly so please be careful when moving about the premises!

If you have any questions related to Health and Safety please feel free to ask anytime during our service.




  • The following may or may not relate directly to your pest needs, so feel free to ask whilst making your booking.
  • To ensure the success of our visit, here are a few basic preparations you may choose to carry out before our arrival.
  • The highest area in concern is your kitchen! Kitchens attract the most creepy crawlies and may need a little extra care and attention during the application process.
  • To make sure your kitchen area gets the most from our visit we would ask you to have your cupboards clean and clear of all food products and eating utensils. Food items and draws can be temporarily placed on kitchen and dinning table tops.
  • If you would like to go one step further, place a sheet over the items prematurely stored on the table and kitchen tops.
  • Open food items should be placed in fridge.
  • Access to the rooms edges is necessary in order to spray along skirting boards. Therefore clothing articles, magazines, toys, etc. should be moved off the ground prior to our visit

Please refer to our safety measures found under SAFETY these simple recommendations ‘may assist’ in the general health and safety of you and others during our Pest Management Service.

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