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Carpet Cleaning is boring! & watching someone do carpet cleaning is like watching paint dry.

Our Prices & Results Do all the Talking .

At DIRT CHEAP we would rather not talk about carpets like they are better than Facebook, we know what we are doing and don’t need to justify it every second of the day to make our customers feel secure about having invited us into there homes. In fact most of our customers are amazed how far $10 will go!

But if you insist… here is a video that should make your day!

Carpet and Upholstery steam cleaning film


This carpet cleaning video was filmed on the job via a smart phone.

The film quality is quite raw, but it still shows the quality results one can get when using Dirt Cheap





 Lounge room | Steam cleaning | Carpet cleaning film




  • Just in case you were wondering, this client did choose to pay extra to get better results out of their filthy carpets.
  • The solid black spot stains you can still see after the first passing, were treated after filming and extracted with a second pass.
  • The extra stain charge enabled us to boost the chemical strength needed to break down the heavy soiling, and get them their rental bond back from the real estate!
  • We do our best to stay cheap as we don’t like to charge more than our phone quoted price, but if a client has neglected their carpets, and we can see that it is going to cost us more time and chemicals to get them their desired results, than we can’t neglect to charge extra for an over and above service.


carpet cleaning 66 round

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