Offices & Comercial Space



Carpet Steam Cleaning Offices and Comercial Space can be done as cheaply as 85 cent per square meter.

The expense added is entirely up to you!


Answer these simple questions:
  1. Does the office need a full carpet clean or just the traffic marks cleaned out from around hallways, desks and entrance areas?
  2. Will bins be taken off the floor before the cleaner arrives?
  3. Will the carpet be needing stain treatments from greases, gums, and heavy soiling?
  4. Is the ground clear of electrical cords?
  5. Will chairs and chair mat’s be taken away from the carpeted areas? or will you do it?
  6. Will the carpeted areas be totally emptied of all furnishings?
  7. Is there plenty of distance to move in and around desks ,or is the office heavily cluttered with furniture? making it had to Steam clean
  8. When does the cleaning need to be done? night/day/weekend
  9. What is the approximate size of your office space?
  10. How long since the last clean?
  11. Is it possible to park exremely close to the building?
  12. Will the parking spot give us easy access to the carpeted areas?


Deodoriser treatment on smelly carpet (You can request Dirt Cheap to use our own discretion on the day)
Upholstery cleaning such as dining chairs, bar stools and waiting lounges?
Carpeted Stairs cleaning


How much can I expect to pay?
If the carpeted area is quite large and one of our team can efficiently clean the area without having to move furniture around, you can expect to pay 85c per square meter.
Alternatively if the carpet is filthy, and no preparation has been made prior to Dirt Cheaps’ arrival, you can expect to pay around $1.60 per square meter.
You will have noticed that the higher rate is still Dirt Cheap!

Send us an email detailing what type of a service you would like done.
From the information supplied we can give you a firm approximate price, for any undisclosed surprises on the day we will be charging you accordingly.
We don’t see the need for us to meet with you and your carpets prior to the day, as this level of service costs time and money that other businesses may indirectly charge you for! If you would like to have a personalised service, We are happy for you to call someone else ,and pay a personalised price for what we believe is unnecessary attention.

How about combining the visit with Discounted Pest Control?
The more simple and focused the service is for us, the more cheaper the price becomes for you!

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We are the COST EFFECTIVE approach to Carpet Cleaning and Pest Control from the Sunshine Coast.
Only using the latest in Top Quality Products & Equipment for Carpet Cleaning & Pest Control.
We provide a Great Easy Service at Low price..... Guaranteed!
Servicing the Sunshine Coast to North Lakes & Caboolture Shire surrounds in Queensland.
Price focused on Rental Properties and Home Owners, we also service commercial pubs, clubs and schools.
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