Upholstery Cleaning

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We professionally steam clean the following items.

Couches, Sofa & Lounge Suites.  

couch cleaning price guide

Find out how to calculate seated position?

$20 per basic seated position.

$25 for a recliner position.

Double sided cushions add $5 per seated position.

Add $10 to the seated position to get the chase/poof cleaned

Arm Chairs

$20 a seated position.

Lazy-Boy Recliners

$25 a seated position.


Mattress cleaning price and size guide

Prices displayed are for cleaning the top side of a mattress and outer boarders.

King $50.

Queen $40.

Double Bed $35.

Single Bed $25.

Less than single $20.

Add Enzyme treatment for urine issues $25.

Dining Chairs

chair cleaning

$5 material base only.

$8 material base and back rest.

Office Chairs

$5 for a seated materal.

$8 for seated base and a material back rest.


Basic Futon (fold down).


Car Interiors

Car interior $80 2 front seats, rear bench seat + carpeted foot well.

Foot mats are $5 extra each.

Caravan Interiors

They can be hard to quote online, feel free to describe your requirements over the phone to our receptionist. Comparable sizes to general household items usually does the trick, just remember if items are double or single sided.

on average a clean caravan is achived for $90

We say no to cleaning Curtins and Drapes. We believe that when a client pays money, they should be getting a result worth paying for. We have never been satisfied with the visual results steam cleaning gives on curtains and drapes, thus we prefer not to clean them.



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We are the COST EFFECTIVE approach to Carpet Cleaning and Pest Control from the Sunshine Coast.
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