Pest Control Prices


General Maintenance Treatments 

Full Internal General Pest Treatment $80

Full External General Pest Treatment $80

Full internal and external Pest Treatment  $160 Guaranteed for 9 months

Full Int and Ext Pest treatment (9 months) + Ant guarantee for 9 months $200

Flea Treatment

Internal Flea Treatments $60

External Flea Treatments $60

For rental property vacates , we give a 3 month guarantee for you and property managers peace of mind. 

Focal Area Treatments

External Weep Hole Treatment $40 (cockroach issues)

Roof Cavity Treatment $60 (spider issues and vermin baiting)

Yard spray grassed area $150 (required for major ant issues)

Pest issue treatments.

No matter what issue you may currently be having with pests in your residence, we are trained to help solve it. More importantly, if our advised treatment/s doesn’t solve it, we are willing to give you your money back, so you can find someone that can. One must understand that infestations may require multiple treatments to safely manage the issue back to a level of good health and comfort for occupants.

What is a general pest treatments? 

This is a barrier treatment for general pests seen in Queensland, Australia. We gladly guarantee our work when full internal and external treatments are carried out together on a single dwelling. Choosing to do one direction and not the other definitely has a positive effect against pests, but it is an incomplete seal of the property, leaving pests to harbour in wall voids and cavities.

Pest management guarantee

We gladly guarantee all our treatments because we only use the industry endorsed products in accordance with the way they are suposed to be applied. If a dwelling is riddled, post and prior advice maybe given to tenants to help improve the over all domestic environment. Applying treatments is only one part of ensuring your home is healthy home.

The one and only ant guarantee

Most companies on the Sunshine coast don’t give a guarantee against ants returning, but the cheap guys do! Ants are a very intelligent and determined species which makes it very hard to shoe them away for long periods. If required we will keep coming back to make sure your internal home life is not being effected by these little pesky explorers.

Displayed pest management prices

All Pest management prices displayed above are based on the common suburban house and yard. Severe pest issues may require extra treatment and should be menioned and discussed with the technician on the day. Increases in work load and chemical treatments on the day will be charged accordingly if our technician believes it is required. This vary rarely has happens, but we believe it should be mentioned.


Minimum visit charges apply to above prices

(All Pest management prices displayed are based on the common suburban house and yard, severe issues that may require extra treatment may discussed and charged accordingly)

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