Carpet Steam Cleaning


It’s Not Rocket Science.

LETS FACE IT… Steam cleaning isn’t rocket science & it doesn’t take years to study or to master. So how is it that you can be charged an arm and a leg for it?

We honestly couldn’t pin point the soul reason why it need to be so expensive…. Which is why ‘Dirt Cheap Carpet Cleaning and Pest Control’ was born.

Cleaning Carpets is like washing your clothes.

We all know from doing the laundry at home that you need to use laundry powder to effectively assist in cleaning the dirt out of the cloths. I’m sure we have all made the mistake of not putting the powder in, seeing and smelling the aftermath of washing without is a sad sad event. 

After washing load after load you soon have tried most chemical liquids and powders on the market, you soon realise that one chemical works the best! Maybe you even have a little special pre-spray for questionable dirty spots, you also know if that doesn’t break up the blemish no matter how many times you put that item back in the wash the stain will always show… Funny enough this is much like your carpets, except our chemicals are more powerful and your carpets don’t get washed as often.

Carpet Steam Cleaning Machines are like Washing Machines.

Some washing machines are slow and some are fast, and some don’t really work that well. Yet, some people are happy to spend less on a machine which are super slow and dramatically lengthen the service time.

Now, let’s say that someone comes to clean your carpets and upholstery with a lower grade carpet cleaning machine, you the client  have no idea that the service is using a slower low grade machine because all you want is your carpet clean. So incomes the ‘professional carpet cleaner’  and yes they looks like their doing a thurow job, but its only necessary because they maybe using the equivalent of the old twin tub washing machine to clean your carpets with, it needs the little extra ‘special touch’ (service stages) to get the job done.

The question you should be asking is…Whose paying for that time?

So to be as cost efficient for you as possible, we decided to invest in the latest machinery that is built for speed, and effectiveness. Sure, we might not look as impressive in front of our customers wasting time nitpicking over nothing and sipping cups of tea, but at the end of the day your carpets are clean and you got the money in your pocket.

If ‘Aldi’ or ‘Jet Star’ were a carpet cleaning business, we’d be it

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